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Social Media Manager


We are looking for an experienced, passionate and creative Social Media Manager to join our team. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for developing and implementing our Social Media strategy in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts. You will be working closely with Marketing and Sales teams.


  • Develop, implement, manage our social media strategy and promote it in networks
  • Generate and format content such as text, photos, videos, etc.
  • Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content is informative and appealing
  • Create and develop profiles/groups in social networks
  • Define most important social media KPIs
  • Manage and oversee social media content
  • Measure the success of every social media campaign
  • Stay up to date with latest social media best practices and technologies
  • Provide targeted advertising and increase target audience
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Sales and Product Development teams
  • Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization
  • Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network.


  • 3+ years of experience as a Social Media Specialist or similar role
  • Have experience of working with web analytics services (Google Analytics, Metric, and others)
  • Fluent English (strong written communication ability)
  • Understanding of SEO, CMS and web traffic metrics
  • Experience in targeted advertising
  • Experience with doing audience and buyer personal research
  • Excellent knowledge of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media best practices
  • Social Media Strategist using social media for brand awareness and impressions
  • Good understanding of social media KPIs
  • Familiarity with web design and publishing
  • Excellent multitasking skills
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Team player
  • Good time-management skills
  • Great interpersonal, presentation and communication skills
  • Possibility for full-time remote work.
  • Possibility for full-time remote work


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