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What is the Hybrid office?

Our future is quite unsure, the COVID-19 pandemic is still at loose and deep uncertainty is widespread in all aspects modern society – work is not excluded.

  • Many companies who didn’t even think about leaving prime location offices are unsure when employees will come back to work from the well-designed office, but the burning question is – how will they work?
  • Many companies already know that working remotely isn’t going anywhere – but a lot of companies are planning a new way of work that combines remote and onsite working – a hybrid-remote model.

This model has a lot of fears but a lot of potential: lower costs, increased productivity for individuals and small teams more flexibility for employees and better experience all around.

Take office space for example, many companies pay a lot of money for big offices they can’t fill in With the right amount of employees for the long run. Whether they grow, and have a lot a free space, or they reach a point of overpopulation and have to get more office space to expand.

This is where the hybrid office comes to play, while there are many ways to implement it like micro hubs or partially remote workers in changing desks, the principle is very simple: mixing on site and remote working and the same space. The cost of real estate will plummet while productivity will take a big hit and in some cases will grow.


Another aspect is the ability to access talent. When you are mixing remote work, more people can join your company because they are not constrained to previous limitations. Whether its commute to work that’s not a big factor anymore, or working mothers that can returm to the business cycle faster than usual. The hybrid office can easily expand the company’s talent pool, diverse and boost the workforce.

Only specific industries can maintain a fully remote work environment, and even fewer would be better off choosing an entirely on premise model. this leaves most companies somewhere in the middle, the hybrid office can work for so many industries, here’s a few: customer service, law firms, accounting and finance, publishing, PR, marketing, research information ,IT or software development.

Think about a reality where 80% of your employees work remotely but do so only one day a week. This this means that four out of five days they’re getting social interaction and connection needed for collaboration Brainstorming innovation Or just going out for a coffee break with their peers. You can cut down office space by 20% and improve employee happiness by much more.

So how do you keep them productive you ask? that’s where we come in — our platform is solely emitted to manage the Hybrid Office, while not losing an inch in productivity, effectivity and quality of work.

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