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How transforming to Hybrid Office can change your workforce? 

COVID-19 has substantially changed our perception of the need to work from the office. A recent survey of more than 300 company owners, managing directors, and CEO made by the Institute of Directors in Ireland tried to examine that assumption. The survey managed to discover a surprising fact that almost 100% of the company owners believe their employees need to work from the office and are looking to implement a hybrid office environment, where employees are both working remotely, and from an optimized office space.

Overall, about 31 percent of surveyed companies said that they are going to cut down workspace expenses. Adding the fact that about 37 percent of surveyed workers have expressed their desire to work from home full-time even after the restriction expires, companies are looking for modern tools that help to significantly reduce these expenses and efficiently implement a hybrid working environment.

Timesaving abilities of Hybrid Working  

Employees that use to work from home are efficiently using remote working as it helps to reduce, and even eliminate, wide-ranging expenses. This approach has made many fans among the office workers and changed their opinions towards hybrid and remote working. Many companies are even willing to keep their employees working from home even after the pandemic as they see a substantial rise in productivity that affects their bottom-line revenues.

Hybrid working shows extreme efficiency in finding a work-life balance for employees. Moreover, it positively affects the energy level, health, mental state, and productivity of employees, thus benefiting both the employee and the business.

As for recruitment, a recent survey has shown some unpreparedness for the changes made by COVID-19. About 35 percent of C-level respondents have told that they made significant adjustments in the hiring process of their companies, about 25 percent have made pauses in the recruitment process and only 15 percent of respondents are continually hiring new employees. These rapid changes are also affecting the needed office spaces for the companies’ changing requirements, and the need for a platform to not only optimize the space usage but also help to leverage the hybrid office opportunity to transform companies to support their future of work.

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