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How the Workplace has Changed in the Last 20 Years

We can recall a lot of events in human history that were making changes in the workplace. Transition from manual work toward automation of technology was revolutionary. However, digitalization made the world spin 1000 times faster and simply jump-started the progress. So how has the workplace changed in the past twenty years? And how has Covid-19 impacted the future of our work?

Implementation of technological advances in the workplace

Technologies have changed our working environment drastically and led to the point where we do not necessarily need to be present at workplace. But what is more important technology enabled both companies and employees to be much more productive. Today we can share the information via Slack and Google Docs and find contractors on Fiverr within an hour and even optimize employees` presence at office. Our technologies become smarter and smarter and accessible to almost everyone. We are able to solve multiple tasks via computers and mobile phones and be always online, which really makes any service available 24/7.

Remote work

In our globalized world we have almost forget about borders due to modern transport means. Nevertheless, making changes in the workplace the world web and tech innovations gave us a chance to work on any company in any city/country/continent remotely without even leaving the house. That is extremely beneficial for both company and employee: while the first can reduce costs and still hire the best candidate, the second does not need to experience unnecessary stress because of moving or/and work commuting. This questioned has risen especially sharp during global pandemic when leaving the house equals health threat. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 76% of workers worldwide would prefer to telecommute even after the global pandemic. Employees of any industry appreciate flex-time and risk-free remote work and stay loyal to their company.

Сommunication and goal setting

Among other workplace changes nowadays, thanks to technology progress and cultural shifts, it is possible to reach out anyone, what has made our communication less formal. Variable messengers, Chatbots and self-learning AI assistants help businesses as well as clients a lot. However, we, as living creatures, still need face-to-face interactions at workplace not just via electronic technology devices to build strong relationship and to save the virtual and real-world balance.

Our priorities in work have also changed. New generation of employees work at companies to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, not only for salary. Thanks to the increased variety of professions at job market we are able to choose any company and any work and apply our specific skills to it. These workplace changes also mean that people need to constantly improve their knowledges and grow as professionals to succeed in demanding working field.

Changes in corporate culture

The social side of changes in workplace was also altered throughout the years. The power of work hierarchy is reduced in companies. We do not see such a gap in authority between employees of different departments and between company executives and workforce (well, at least they do not seem so invincible anymore).

Working policy also could not stay the same in each company. Inclusiveness, flexibility, and equality are indispensable at changing workplaces today; though we still need a lot of steps to be done toward the unbiased and non-discriminatory working conditions. Companies today tolerate employees` appearances, believes and other peculiarities at workplace leaving their workers space to be whomever they want so they can focus on work efficiency.

In the last 20 years there were a lot of changes in workplace. Today we see developed technologies, high importance of career advancement, changes in working relationship and policies. We can only assume how the workplace will look like in the future, though we hope world will be a better place.

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