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Workplace is something that requires constant optimization, so we keep on trying to improve every aspect of it. Manual work has always been hard and time consuming. But when it comes to management, it can drive crazy to perform everything from assignment to task tracking, manually. Fortunately, technologies solve this issue, too, by allowing automated software to deal with many processes concerning work on projects. Task tracking software is a gift and here is why.

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How it works

What is task management tool

Task manager is a software solution for project management. Its functionality allows the manager to distribute personalized and group tasks, divide them into stages, and monitor the implementation of all specified processes. Such software has been popular for a long time, because it allows you to carry out general management and control over projects with less time spent. There is no need to walk between tables and offices, as you can see everything on your screen at any time. Task management software possesses a combination of many great functions from interaction between colleagues to monitoring of the workflow.

Task tracking software is an assistant platform in which you can maintain a list of tasks, set deadlines, and assign responsible persons and co-executors. Keeping a list of tasks and tracking their progress is a key task for any specialist. But first of all, you need to choose the software where it will be most convenient to do this. Still wonder how exactly task management software can help your business.

Advantages of task manager implementation and which problems it can solve

Task management software can be advantageous for many reasons, but the most significant one is its ability to drastically increase your work productivity. It happens due to possibility to collaborate within the team by sharing information quickly, review the project status and track every its component. Basically, with task management software you are allowed to monitor the project as a whole and every individual part of it. So, it is easier to organize multiple aspects of work while having access from any location.

Not to speak too generally, let`s look at task tracking software benefits in more details:
  1. With the help of such a tool you can track and analyze all the resources spent on work fulfillment. Hence, you will see what exact amount of time, money and cadres it requires.
  2. Thanks to this software geographical barriers are erased, as well as access limits. Task managing app allows employees to perform tasks 24\7 from coffee shop, office or home.
  3. It is easy to follow the progress and to be aware of upcoming deadlines.
  4. Co-operation is simplified as you can share ideas any time. Task tracking app also improves workload distribution, which affect efficiency of the labor.
  5. It helps to prioritize the right task focusing on the most important things and not stuck on assignments from to-do list.
  6. All accounts can be stored at the same place and all processes are in front of you.
  7. Every point is positive for both managers and employees. Task tracking makes working process much more productive.

Reasons to use task management software in your business

Task manager is a program that simplifies workflow and project management. Now, in order to find out how efficiently the team is working, to set a task for the employees and control the execution, it is enough to open the software.

Why do you need your own personal task manager?

As long as there are several people in the team, the process of setting tasks does not take much time. For this, mail or any of the instant messengers are suitable. When different people are involved in the process, a single space is needed to organize, manage and monitor results. Any of these components is influenced by the “human factor”: I forgot, scored, I will do it later, is it necessarily “right now?” As a result, the work was not completed or finished later than agreed. The company loses projects, clients, money, and its own name. Therefore, task management is an important process in any enterprise. Labor productivity depends on it, which means profitability. But, as practice shows, it takes a lot of time (and the nerves of a manager). So why not automate it?

How to choose: 5 signs of a good task manager

Take and try is the best way to choose a task manager for your team, you will be able to find what you need. If you look at the range of solutions globally, then a good task manager meets the following requirements:

Convenient. The functionality is understandable for people with different levels of PC proficiency. You don’t have to search for the features you want, and everything is in a visible place and easy to use.

Keeps track of time. Look for a task manager integrated into a time tracker. You can not only set tasks, but also know how employees work, evaluate their productivity and used sites, see the real workload of employees. In companies with hourly wages, this automates the calculation of payments.

Provides detailed reporting. With this function, you can view information for a certain period, calculate key indicators or predict the load on teams. Guaranteed technical support. You do not know when you will need to integrate the task manager with the desired system, configure reports or customize functions for your team. Please check the availability of technical support and response times in advance.

Universal. Check if you can use the task manager on Windows / Mac OS, set tasks from your phone or link with the desired application: Google calendar, Slack, etc.

Today we have a massive variety of task tracking applications to choose from:

  1. Trello is by far the number one on the list, not only because it is best known among the competition, but also because of its functionality.
  2. Asana is a convenient online service suitable both for organizing teamwork and for personal self-organization. Supports file sharing within the system, creating to-do lists and other tasks.
  3. GitHub is a task manager combined with file storage. The service is primarily focused on developers, it is limited for other activities.
  4. Microsoft 365 is a complete platform with many apps useful for workflow.
  5. Easynote is another simple to use and affordable task-tracking tool.
  6. Though Monday.com is not very cheap, it is highly visual and multi-functional.

You just need to decide what software functions you need and what price is matching your budget. And then, simply choose perfect task tracking software and see how much better your work can be.


Implementation and use of task managers was useful and relevant earlier. But now, in the conditions of a massive transition to the format of remote work, their use is becoming vital. After all, it is much more convenient to set and adjust tasks, monitor their implementation, manage a team in a single interface than communicate separately with each project participant.

In general, the transition to remote project management via the task managers is a logical stage in building effective teamwork remotely. But it is important to choose the right service that will meet all the requirements and help with task tracking and other.

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