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Today we ought to face the reality, where health crisis dictates its rules. There was lockdown and now everything (or at least the most of it) is reopening. This situation may confuse many of us. But businesses seem to be the most affected by this and need to adapt to such circumstances. Many CEOs thought that one day the quarantine would be gone and their companies would start working the same way as before. However, it is becoming more and more obvious that returning will be a long process, which can take at least a year, and that companies cannot be the same anymore. Instead of passive waiting, it is worth taking a moment to rethink your future, develop new competencies, create new opportunities, and become stronger.

One of solutions is the practice of hybrid work, where part of employees operates in office and the rest – from home. It helps to reduce risk of virus spreading and actually leads to cost reduction, too. However, this system needs proper management of shifts to avoid any misunderstandings and provide necessary level of control. And here, let`s introduce you to employee scheduling software.

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How it works

What is employee scheduling software?

Obviously, it is important to properly plan the schedule of each employee, appoint days off, work and vacation days. The main thing is not to get confused later in all this information. To prevent this from happening for sure, we recommend using special software that is perfect for such purposes. Especially, if you have team with hybrid work model with flexible schedule and your employees are probably located in different countries.

Scheduling software is a tool which helps to automate creating, maintaining and tracking of employee schedules. This kind of programs is able to boost productivity and collaboration between co-workers while also giving great visibility to every team-member. Employee scheduling system shows all variables that need to be considered to form working shifts, which include vacations, sick days, and personal requirements. This way it becomes possible to form fairly assigned schedule and support a balanced working regime. It also creates data transparency for managers and workers.

Such software operates with tones of data, stores it, analyzes it and therefore it simplifies many processes. Managers do not need to manually calculate and anticipate who, where and when works, app will do this automatically. That is vital for companies with big amount of staff. And what is more important, scheduling software does not tend to make mistakes what is common for humans.

Advantages of scheduling software and what problems it solves

We already know that employee scheduling software helps to save time and makes the process of shifts creating simpler by user-friendly interface. Usually, you just need to make a copy of your schedule so it repeats weekly, only amending it from time to time. The following features can be referred to additional benefits of AI-based employee scheduling:


Cloud-based platforms allow using all necessary functions from any device. That is important for ability to quickly change the schedule or check it instantly. By the way, notification system is a great thing to stay aware of any alterations.

Adaptable to changes

With this function administrators are able to assign shifts easily skipping many steps, like opening tables in Excel or e-mailing\calling an employee in advance. It also helps manager and employee to negotiate shift details fast without extra tools involved. Readiness to adjustments can really make hybrid work schedules more efficient.

Easy to ask for time-off

Workers can send their request about day-off and get approval (or decline) with couple of clicks. Software will also present information about unavailable cadres or their preferences for shifts.

Hours recording and salary calculation

No manual entrances! The app will track the exact time employee has spent working. Hence, everyone will be payed according to the actual workload they have.

Offers analytics to better manage and coordinate resources.

This function is self-explanatory, but must be mentioned as extremely useful one for hybrid work.

Why you need employee scheduling software and how to implement it

Let`s admit this, hybrid work is here to stay. Workers, especially those of generation Z, are satisfied with telecommuting. And AI-based platform is a tool that will make employees hybrid schedules work. Here are several steps to implement scheduling software in your business:

  1. Understand your needs. If your team is small than you can manage everything manually. But when you are operating many people or even need to deal with hybrid work schedules than you simply must have scheduling software which will automate assignment process.
  2. Be mobile. Easy and quick access from any device is a key. It will give you a seamless experience of forming hybrid work schedules and help to solve issues on spot.
  3. Create online office. This is required to provide remote members of hybrid work sense of physical presence at the workplace. Ability to work, manage and chat at particular space will stimulate your employees.
  4. Maintain regular podcasts for communication. You just need to share the information and news about your company to preserve informal interaction with employees. It is a cool idea for teams with hybrid work schedules so they can be familiar with everything what is going on in the office.
Here are just a few examples of scheduling platforms to look at:
  • Homebas is user-friendly software with great functionality.
  • Connecteam is one of the best options for mobile use.
  • Shiftboard is great for healthcare scheduling.
  • Sling works best in area of restaurant business.

Additionally, to keep hybrid work functioning, employers need to provide not only the basic conditions for individual and team remote work but to create processes and policies that promote social cohesion among employees. Managers will need to pinpoint the best approach for each category of employee and each functional role, analyze and understand when office or remote work is preferable. Companies also need to remember about those members who are telecommuting only and create environment where team-building and constant support is inevitable part of culture. If there is any chance for meetings in person – use it to make your employees feel connected and as a way to socialize.


The ability to choose comfortable working hours can be seen as a new normal. Over time, more and more people will move to a hybrid work option, performing their duties partly in the office, and partly from home. This approach can discover significant opportunities. The result will be increased employee satisfaction, savings in office space costs, access to a broader pool of talents, higher flexibility and productivity. Keep in mind that while managing employees hybrid schedules there is a need for good software that will match all requirements. And if you still think over all benefits of scheduling app, remember that it eliminates paperwork and saves time for what really matters.

Try Stayhome.ai to increase your productivity. Workforce Scheduling technology will make your business efficient.

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